A super clean and sharp WordPress that makes use of Shopify’s buy button integration.
It’s perfect for those looking to sell a single product.

Why Pulse?

Setting up e-commerce on WordPress usually requires a lot of work including plugins, security, product management…etc.¬†With Pulse you let Shopify handle all of that. This theme has been specially designed to work in harmony with Shopify.


Shopify Integration

Integrated perfectly with Shopify’s buy button.

Tablet & Mobile Ready

Designed to work great on tablets and mobiles.

Retina Support

Images look great on both standard and retina displays.

Change Layout

You can change the layout and order of the homepage blocks.

Secure Checkout

With the Shopify integration your customers get a highly secure checkout.

Track Sales

You can track sales and customers really easy.

Total Control

WordPress gives you total control over your site.

Track Inventory

With the Shopify integration you can easily track inventory.

Customisation Options

Pulse offers tons of customisation options including colours and fonts.