Anchor is a smart and simple grid theme with the option of different post widths.


If the default colors don’t take your fancy, don’t worry, we have you covered. There are an array of customisable colour options including page background, text colour, link colour and much more.

Different Post Widths

Anchor features the ability to have different post widths on the homepage. By default a post covers one column.

To make a post cover two columns, tag it with “medium”.

To make a post cover three columns, tag it with “large”.

Share Button

An easy to use share button is implemented into the theme so readers can share via Facebook, Twitter and Google+. A Pinterest share button will also appear but only on photo posts.

Google Web Fonts

Don’t like the standard fonts available on your machine? Use a Google web fonts instead! With over 600 fonts to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice.

Just type in the name of the font (eg. Open Sans) into the ‘Body Google Web Font’ or ‘Headings Google Web Font’ field and it’ll load up live.


If you’re a tweeter, you’ll be glad to know there is an integrated Twitter widget. To get it working, make sure you are signed into Twitter in the Tumblr settings for your blog.

Flickr Photos

Consider yourself a pro huh? Well you can show off your awesome pictures with the integrated Flickr widget. You will need to get your Flickr ID, then put it into the required field.

Instagram Shots

Show off your Instagram shots with the integrated Instagram widget. You will need to get your Instagram Access Token, then put it into the required field.

Dribbble Shots

Ahh so you’re a pixel pusher? Well you can show off all those pretty pixels with the integrated Dribbble widget. Just put it in your Dribbble username in the required field.


Have your own logo? You can of course upload your own logo so your followers and fans recognize who you are instantly.

Social Icons

Included are some great social media icons so you can link to your favourite profiles. Icons include: Dribbble, Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIN, Pinterest, Skype, SoundCloud, Twitter, Vimeo, WordPress and YouTube.

  • Platform
  • Tumblr

  • Released
  • April 2014

  • List of features
  • Customizable colours: background, title, description, navigation, social links, body text, headings, links, tags, date/notes, post background, search box, widget titles, tweets and pagination.
  • Custom logo
  • Show/hide sidebar
  • Show/hide logo
  • Show/hide title
  • Show/hide description
  • Show/hide nav
  • Show/hide archive, random and RSS links
  • Show/hide tags, date and note count
  • Show/hide photo captions
  • Show/hide Flickr, Instagram and Dribbble widgets
  • Google web fonts
  • Infinite scroll
  • DISQUS commenting system