UltraMnml is a very minimal and clean Tumblr theme that has a very traditional blog style layout.

Light or dark styles

Included are both light and dark styles to match your mood.


If the light and dark styles don’t take your fancy, don’t worry, we have you covered. There are an array of customisable colour options including page background, text colour, link colour, content background and much more.

Google Web Fonts

Don’t like the standard fonts available on your machine? Use a Google web font instead! With over 600 fonts to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice.

Both the body and headings fonts can be changed. Just type in the name of the font (eg. Open Sans) into the required fields and it’ll load them up live.

Instagram Shots

Show off your Instagram shots with the integrated Instagram widget. The widget shows six images at once. You will need to get your Instagram Access Token, then put it into the required field.

Flickr Photos

Consider yourself a pro huh? Well you can show off your awesome pictures with the integrated Flickr widget. The Flickr widget shows six images at once. You will need to get your Flickr ID, then put it into the required field.

Dribbble Shots

Ahh so you’re a pixel pusher? Well you can show off all those pretty pixels with the integrated Dribbble widget. The Dribbble widget shows six shots at once.


You can show off your beautiful face by uploading an avatar. The recommended size is 260×260 pixels.

Social Icons

Included are some great social media icons so you can link to your favourite profiles. Icons include: Dribbble, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Instagram and YouTube.

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